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FS PCB Capability
  • FS PCB Capability
  • FS PCB Capability
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Rigid PCB Capability:( the unit have inch and mm)
Item Mass Production Advanced Technology
Max. Layers 1-16 layers 17-30 layers
Max. Board Size 21"x24" ( 533mm x 610mm) 24"x40" ( 610mm x 1016mm)
Material FR4,High Tg,Cem-1,Cem-3,Kapton,370HR/IS410 material,Bergquist material,  Adhesiveless Base Materials,etc. Rogers, Nelco, Telfon, etc.
Max. Board Thickness 2 layer - 0.125"      3.175mm
3-12 layer - 0.2362''   6.0mm
0.3150''   8.0mm
Minimum Board Thickness 2 layer - 0.0079"   0.2mm
4 layer - 0.0177"     0.45mm
6 layer - 0.0295"     0.75mm
8 layer - 0.0413"    1.05mm
10 layer - 0.0512"  1.30mm
Min. Core Thickness 0.0039''   0.10mm 0.00295''  0.075mm
Min. Track Width/Space 3.5mil/3.5mil 2.5mil/2.5mil
Max. Copper Thickness Inner Layer: 6Oz Inner Layer: 8Oz
Outer Layer: 8Oz Outer Layer:12 Oz
Min. Drill Size 0.0079''   0.2mm 0.0059''  0.15mm
Min. Laser Drill Size 0.0039''   0.1mm 0.0030''  0.076mm
PTH Diameter Tolerance ±3mil ±2mil
Aspect Ratio 10:01 15:01
PTH Wall Thickness  18um-25um 16um-35um
Min solder mask bridge 0.0051''  0.13mm 0.0039''   0.1mm
Min solder mask window 0.0039''    0.1mm 0.0031''   0.08mm
V-cutting Tolerance ±0.0051''  0.13mm ±0.0039''  0.10mm
Outline Dimension ±0.0051''  0.13mm ±0.0039''  0.10mm
Warp and Twist ≤0.7% ≤0.5%
Plating Hard Gold 50” 200”
Controlled Impedance ±10% ±7%
HDI Board 1+N+1, 1+1+N+1+1 2+N+2,  3+N+3
Surface Treatment HASL HASL
Surface Treatment HASL Lead Free HASL Lead Free
Immersion Gold Immersion Gold
Immersion Tin Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver Immersion Silver
Flash Gold Flash Gold
Gold Finger Gold Finger
Selective hard gold Selective hard gold
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